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World's Hottest Pepper Actually Burned A Hole In A Man's Throat

When you order the extra-spicy burger on the menu, it might be wise to take really small bites until you know how your body will handle it. A medical journal has revealed that there was actually a case where a 47-year-old man suffered a 1-inch tear in his esophagus after he took a bite of a burger that was covered in ghost pepper sauce. The report doesn't specify whether it was the pure heat of the ghost-pepper that caused the tear or if it was the retching after the fact, but it makes you think twice before you bite into that spicy snack!


Spicy foods are categorized by Scoville ratings. A bell pepper has a rating of 0, Tabasco sauce has a rating of 100, Jalapeno peppers have a rating of 2500, but the ghost pepper's rating is more than one million.


The man just took one bit of a burger that featured a sauce made from the  bhut jolokia peppers - also known as ghost peppers. He started vomiting and was in severe pain right away. He ended up spending 23 days in the hospital and ended up with a gastric tube used to replace his esophagus. So moral of the story is be careful with the spicy foods because sometimes they have more than just a kick!

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