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'World's Saddest Polar Bear' Will Make Your Heart Hurt

A mall in China is taking some SERIOUS heat for keeping Pizza the polar bear cooped up.

The 3-year-old bear is part of a shopping mall aquarium where she has a tiny exhibit, only 1600sq feet (pretty tiny for a big polar bear.) Animal welfare groups have been monitoring Pizza's well-being, and she is now showing signs of mental decline.

Pizza is known as the world's saddest polar bear, and "the tragic bear that suffers for selfies", after video surfaced of her laying on her side while people snapped photos with her.

Humane Society International (HSI) released a statement about Pizza, saying she showed "worrying stereotypical behaviors such as head swaying and repetitive pacing, evidence of frustration and mental decline." HSI, along with three Chinese animal rights groups, held a press conference calling for the closure of the entire aquarium at Grandview Mall.

Grandview Mall, however, says they disagree with the assessments made on Pizza. They released their own video of pizza swimming in her tank, being fed and overall enjoying herself. They say her tank size is completely compliant with regulations and do not see what the problem with it is.

A petition to free the polar bear has reached 500,000 signatures and is still climbing. A wildlife park in Yorkshire has offered Pizza a permanent home where she can thrive. The park has a special habitat created especially for polar bears.

As of right now, Grandview Mall Aquarium has no plans to release Pizza to the wildlife park.

Share this to help Pizza get to the home she deserves!

You can also sign the petition here.

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