The Teeniest Tiniest Horse Will Still Run You Down, No Questions

Miniature horses are already cute enough, but what about a 3 day old miniature horse? It's almost TOO cute.

This tiny lil' miniature horse made a new best friend, his carer, after just being born into this world. His favorite activity is chasing his new BFF and it might actually be the cutest thing you've ever seen.

Despite his size, this little horse is determined to catch his much larger counter-part. Wherever his carer goes, this teeny horse goes, too.

When he does catch his new friend, he gets some well deserves pets and love. He even wags his little horse tail like a puppy!

Even gates fascinate the miniature mini horse (he's double mini). His adventures are never-ending.

And when his adventuring is over, the lil' guy just tuckers out and cuddles with his buddy.

Isn't he just the sweetest thing in the world? I'm not a runner, but I would let him chase me if it meant he was this happy.

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