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Would You Be Able To Recreate These 15 Amazing Gingerbread Houses?

Gingerbread houses are a tradition that some people seem to really run with every year. Whether it's making a model of a famous building, or even just something really hilarious, gingerbread houses really have the potential to be amazing.

I know building these must take an an enormous amount of patience because any time I tried to build even a simple one it goes VERY poorly. These people are obviously super talented, so see if you can get some inspiration from them to go try out your own designs!


1. The world's largest gingerbread house

It was made as part of a fundraiser for a childrens hospital and when it was done it was 60 feet by 42 feet and 20 feet tall! They used 1,800 lbs of butter, 7,300 eggs, and 7,200 lbs of flour to make this. They even decorated the outside with over 22 thousand pieces of candy! They took the phrase "go big or go home" and really ran with it.

2. Wrigley Field

Hard to say which is the bigger honor, winning the World Series or having a gingerbread house made of their stadium. It is 4ft by 4ft and weighs 400lbs!

3. An entire German village

When one house won't do, build a village! Complete with carousel, train station, bell rowers and skating rink, this edible creation is 12.5 ft high and 24 feet wide. There are 200 gallons of chocolate icing and 100 lbs of dark chocolate. Sounds delicious!

4. The White House

They even have the Obama's dog in the front!

5. Sometimes the most impressive gingerbread houses aren't even houses.

You have to love the adorable details with the hat!

6. This adorable little Christmas village is perfect

7. Transform your gingerbread house into a giant Transformer!

How is it not just falling right over it looks so top heavy!

8. This is the most magical gingerbread house!

Hogwarts will forever be the greatest place.

9. This one might be a close second.

The Weasley's burrow compete with sweaters hanging on the line! Perfection.

10. Do you think the train runs?

Such a beautiful little house!

11. A little bit more morbid than the average gingerbread house, but it's pretty hilarious.

Evil little gingerbread man!

12. This is very clever!

The little blue crystals and other details are almost too much. Hilarious!

13. Wow! This one is so impressive!

Sydney is an architecturally impressive place!  

Winter IS coming after all...

So adorable.

This is the only one that I could actually replicate.

This is what mine would look like if I tried to make any of these. Know your skill level, aim appropriately.

Will you be making a gingerbread house this Christmas? Share with your ideas in the comments!

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