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Would You Be Willing To Try Taco Bell's New Cheetos Quesadilla?

The newest crazy fast food meal that is out in the world? Cheetos Quesadillas! What is that you ask? Well, it is exactly what it sounds like! A quesadilla stuffed with Cheetos.

This "food" - using this word lightly here - is available only in the Philippines, and just for a limited time.  It looks kind of like the kind of food a twelve year old would make for themselves if they got left home alone for an afternoon.

This is a bit reminiscent of the "Crunchwrap" from earlier in the year that had Cheetos in it, or even the Doritos taco. It seems like whatever crazy creation they come up with, people are going to try it!

There were some thoughts that you could probably make this yourself, but honestly if you are going to eat this I don't think that is your main concern.

Also, this person wants to make sure you know that the Cheetos Quesadilla is only an appetizer. We found the perfect dish to bring to that family pot luck!

Would you eat this if it was available at your local Taco Bell? It doesn't look SO bad right?

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