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Would You Blast The Color Out Of Your Eyes To Go From Brown To Blue?

Are you a brown-eyed babe who wishes they had beautiful baby blues?

You're not alone. In fact, blue eyes are admired because they're so rare; just 17% of the world's population has natural, blue eyes. Soon, that might change.

According to the researchers at Stroma, we've all got blue eyes just waiting to be revealed.

They've invented a laser that can disrupt the thin layer of brown color on the iris. According to the website, after the procedure, your body goes through process of "gradual tissue-removal" revealing those natural baby blues.


Well, maybe not THAT blue.

The company describes the procedure as an outpatient treatment that uses a "gentle, low-energy laser" that takes about 30 seconds per eye.

The procedure is permanent and, as of 2015, about 17 patients in Mexico and 20 in Costa Rica have had the treatment. It's not available in the United States and will likely be released commercially in all non-U.S. countries first. When the procedure becomes available, it will retail for about $5,000 USD.

Although it is still in the testing stages, people are contacting the company with a requests for early treatments. The answer, of course, has been no.

According to a 2015 interview with CNN, Saj Khan, an ophthalmologist at the London Eye Hospital, is concerned that the treatment could lead to glaucoma. It is a condition that causes pressure to build up in the eye and eventually leads to permanent vision loss.


"The main concern with any procedure that involves releasing pigment inside the eye, is that the pigment can clog up the normal drainage channels which can, in turn, cause the pressure inside the eye to go up," he said.

Watch this 2012 interview below and decide for yourself. Would you take the risk to change your eye color? Let us know in the comments below!

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