The View From This Glass Bridge Will Blow Your Mind

The world's longest and highest glass bridge opened in China and it's truly insane. People lined up for hours for their chance to get on the new attraction. Spanning 20ft in width and 1400ft in length, the bridge offers a view from 985ft in the air. Hope you aren't afraid of heights.

The bridge is across the Zhangiajie mountains, which were in inspiration for the blockbuster hit, Avatar. It has 99 panels of clear glass for you to gaze down upon the mountains as you walk across.

You as you take a stroll over the bridge:

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The view is actually incredible. It almost seems fake.

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Due to safety and weight restrictions, only 800 people are allowed on the bridge at a time, and only 8000 people a day. If you want to go across the bridge, you'll have to book your ticket a day in advance. It costs $20 for this awesome photo opportunity.

Some people were wary of the bridge, after a different glass bridge in China shattered in 2015. But officials wanted to assure the public that this bridge was safe. So much so, they let people try to break the bridge with hammers and even drove a car across it.

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Overall, the bridge seems pretty cool. And it's definitely drawing a lot of people to it. I'm still not sold on whether I would try it. I get nervous looking out a third story window, though. So I'm probably not the best person to ask.

What do you think? Would you ever walk across this glass bridge?

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