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92-Year-Old Veteran Says This Dog Would Follow Her 'To The End Of The Earth'

Michael Rubenstein / TODAY

Don't let Annabelle Weiss' age fool you, this 92-year-old former U.S. Marine gets along just fine with the help of her best friend and companion, Joe.

Weiss served in the Marines for two years in 1940's as a driver and plane engine inspector before she was discharged in 1946. She returned to Lindenhurst, New York and spent the rest of her career working as a nurse.

Perhaps it is that spunky spirit that's responsible for her long life, but now it's Joe who keeps her independent.

This clever Golden Retriever is vigilant, patient and gentle with his companion. Annabelle was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and has experienced a variety of health problems related to her service.

When it became apparent that she could use a little help with the daily things of life, she signed up with America's VetDogs and was paired up with gentle Joe.

"In the house, he's a dog," Weiss told TODAY. "When he's outside, he has his vest on, and he's on the job like a cop."

Joe can do just about anything: he picks items up off the ground, opens and closes doors and braces her when she gets up out of a chair and when she takes the stairs. In a way, he keeps her on her toes.

She likes to keep Joe on his toes too: "he can get my phone," Weiss says. "I tell him 'phone' and he brings me the phone. Not that I always need it. Sometimes I say it just to keep him sharp."

Weiss has a newfound sense of freedom thanks to Joe, she says: "He changed my life, he really did...he'll follow me to the end of the Earth."

This looks like it will be a long and beautiful friendship! Watch the video below to see them in action:


Do you think that all single seniors should have service dogs like Joe? Let us know in the comments below!

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