You Better Work...If You Want To Buy This House

Britney Spears has had a pretty impressive career. She was the 90s and early 2000s pop princess, and surprisingly enough her career has not slowed down one bit. With her big show in Vegas, a new album and another VMA's performance down, Britney is the pop star who just refuses to stop. The perks of having such a long and successful career is a lot of money. Like, A LOT of money. Britney currently makes almost a half a million dollars PER SHOW in Las Vegas. Having all this money has allowed her to buy some pretty impressive houses over the years, but she has decided to sell one of them in Thousand Oaks, California

If you want to buy this house, it will only cost you a mere 9 Million Dollars. The house is a modest 8456 square feet, with 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. The single story home is very open and light, with tall arches leading through the rooms.

The kitchen has all marble counter-tops and an enormous island that it is extremely hard to picture Britney ever using. She likely has cooks that do most of the work, but the room is beautiful.

You have to wonder how different the house was when she actually lived in it. Everything is painted very neutral colors and there is no evidence that Ms. Spears and her entourage of family members ever lived there.

The Master Bedroom is bigger than a lot of peoples entire houses. Hard to tell from the picture how many square feet it is, but it looks bigger than my house that is for sure. Check out the closet for the master bedroom, it's possible the closet is even bigger than some people's apartments.

The main thing to take away is even though Britney went through her troubles back in 2007, she made it through to the other side and is showing us what all her hard work got her. If she can still lip sync with the best of them and buy giant mansions in California, she still deserves her title of Pop Princess. Unless she is due for a promotion...Queen of Pop? Dutchess of Pop? Let me know what the appropriate title is.

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