You Have To See This Dog Swim With Dolphins

Dogs and dolphins seem to have a lot in common.

Both are seen as lovable, friendly creatures who just want to make you happy.

Dolphins, as we all know, live in the ocean and swim in pods. You can often spot them while whale watching, or even just out on a casual boat ride! Dogs, obviously, are land-based and can be seen anywhere and everywhere there are treats.

For this German Shepherd, Maverick, he just wants to combine the dolphin world and the dog world into one.

Maverick is on a boat with his owners when he spots a pod of dolphins around the boat. He watches them for a while before he decides to just jump in and join them!

Unfortunately for Maverick, his splash seems to startles the dolphins and they scatter pretty quick. He's just left there, alone, trying to find his way back onto the boat (which he does.)

Good try, Maverick! Maybe next time give them a warning before jumping in!

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