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Everyone Needs a Mermaid Blanket

When I was kid, all I ever wanted was to be a Mermaid. This was in large part due to The Little Mermaid. As the years went on, I have accepted that I will never be able to swim the depths of the sea with as much grace as Ariel, but a girl can still dream. Lucky for me, I can now become a land mermaid from the safety and comfort of my very own couch with one of these amazing Mermaid Blankets.


Different varieties of these Mermaid Blankets have been circling the Pinterest-sphere, and it's good there are so many options because I am going to need one in every color.

It is as simple as a knitted or crochet blanket that is closed into a tube, with a decorative fin attached at the bottom. Well, simple for people who can knit and crochet, but for the rest of us we can luckily purchase them from the talented crafty folk on Etsy or from other retailers as well.

For those of you lucky enough to know how to knit or crochet, You can find patterns on Pinterest or online that will help you become the next Couch Mermaid. Apparently those who are experienced with the crochet hooks could complete this blanket in as little as four days.


You can even find some free patterns on Raverly which is a popular resource for knitters and crocheters. The pattern for this mermaid blanket is free one you can customize to your own color choices and even has different sizes so you can make one for everyone you know whether they are a baby, teen or adult!

Pinterest also has some tips for those who are maybe just learning, but want to try to make their own. They can teach you how to do every stitch you are going to need, including the exceptionally cool Crocodile Stitch which looks like scales that overlap and would be perfect to make your tail as perfect as possible.

So give it a try! I know that I am going to go home and dig out my crochet hooks, and when I fail horribly I have at least three different options bookmarked ready to click "Add to Cart"


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