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You Probably Don't Want To Share An Office With These People

Working in an office can go a lot of ways. When there are so many people in one space, there is bound to be a variety of personality types, all trying to fit in.

Pranksters are the most notorious of the office workers. Some stick to the classic pranks, while others go all out putting so much effort and time into the event it is almost ridiculous.

Check out some of these people's experiences with their office pranksters and thank your lucky stars you don't work with them.


1. This little surprise hidden in the copy machine

2. When the office troll takes it a bit too far.

3. Do you have the Bieber Fever?

4. This classic from The Office

5. How many rolls  of tin foil would this actually take?

6. At least he won't ever run out!

7. This seems like less of a prank and more like a health hazard.

8. Such attention to detail.

9. I would hate to be the new guy on that day, you are not going to make a very good impression.

10. The logistics of this alone is really what confuses me. What are you hooking this on and how is it not all collapsing?

11. How...and why?

12. Just be happy they aren't real.

13. This would cause me so much rage.

14. Could you imagine, trying to lower your chair in the morning only to get the worst noise in the world blasting through the office?

15. This works even better because there were no buttons on the front so you had to at least try it if you wanted that toast.

16. That seems like a waste of perfectly good post-its, but I appreciate the effort.

17. Do you think this person had a partner in crime to trace or was it all free hand?

18. To the person who brought a heavy toilet all the way into the cubicle, impressive effort.

19. If someone had access to my middle school pictures I would not be pleased.

20. What a waste of Cheetos!

21. No one really wants to answer the phone anyway. Email is more efficient.

22. Don't Hassle the Hoff

23. Christmas is coming, get your coworkers something you know they will like! Their own stuff!

24. Make them feel like they are still in middle school with a Teen Beat display.

25. You are just trying to help them stay informed!

26. This is literally my nightmare. There are few things I hate quite as much as I hate packing peanuts.

27. Why must people always waste perfectly good post-its?

28. It's probably what the inside of Andy Warhol's brain looks like.

29. Now this just seems like a nice stress reliever. What a courteous coworker!

Do you have any good office prank stories? Share them with your coworkers!

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