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"Remember Vlad, The Tortured Kitten? You've Got To See Him Now"

Little Vlad the kitten made headlines last week when news broke of online scammers torturing and selling orange tabbies as fake sphynx cats for hundreds of dollars.

When Shaniya Yung and her boyfriend adopted Vlad, his trembling body was covered in razor marks and chemical burns. The traumatized kitten barely moved, cried all the time and just shook in agony. His tail was red and infected and his whiskers had all been plucked.

Vets and his human parents closely monitored the little guy. With strong medicine and lots of TLC, the infection cleared and his fur began to grow back.

His sweet little spirit began to blossom and within a few days he was playing with the family's puppy and running around the house. Even though she was expecting a sphynx, Vlad has completely stolen her heart.

"We couldn't change him for the world now. We fell in love with him."

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