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You'll Be Shocked When You Find Out What Australia's Deadliest Animal Actually Is

Like most people, you know that Australia is home to plenty of creatures that want to kill you.

But, did you know that it has 66 species of venomous animals?

According to the Armed Forces Pest Management Board, Australia isn't even the country with the most venomous animals. But that's cold comfort considering there still are crockodiles, jellyfish, bull sharks and paralyzing ticks.


There is a long list of hostile and deadly creatures walking the earth in Australia, but, according to the Internal Medicine Journal, the real killer isn't even venomous.

After analyzing national hospitalization and mortality data, the kill score of all the poisonous creatures combined doesn't even compare to this truly deadly animal.


Yup. The horse.

In Australia, horses kill more people than all the grossest crawling creepers combined. You can find more information about the studies here and here.

But, really, anyone who jumps rope with a horse gets what's coming to them.


Besides, given the choice between a horse and a redback spider, I'll take the horse thank you very much.


Did you know that it was the horse?

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