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You'll Gobble Up These Fascinating Thanksgiving Facts

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Ever wonder why there is always a game playing on Thanksgiving? The tradition goes all the way back to 1934. The Detroit Lions had just from Ohio and were having some trouble drawing in crowds, having to compete with the Detroit Tigers baseball team for attention.

The team's owner decided that the best approach to take would be a big game on the popular holiday to give everyone at home something to watch on their new television sets. They went head to head with the Chicago Bears and the public response was overwhelming!

The Lion's have made sure to keep the tradition alive, hosting a game every year on Thanksgiving, and it has become so popular that other teams eventually began copying the idea to increase their fan turnout. Not that we needed another reason to get together and watch Americas favorite pasttime!

Turkey Pardon

So the story goes that Abraham Lincoln (who first declared the national holiday) had a son with a pet turkey. Despite the household eyeing the fine-feathered friend as a potential dinner, President Lincoln decided that the bond between boy and bird was too precious to end quite so suddenly.

He gave the flightless creature an official pardon from the highest office in the land, and everyone loved the mercy and hilarity of it all.

It is believed that the tradition really started becoming a regular thing since Harry Truman, but it has definitely reached a new level of popularity in recent years.

Not only is it broadcast to the whole country as a symbolic act of compassion, the whole country is asked to join in to help name the lucky turkey. Over the years, people have been creative )(and a little bit dark) with names like Biscuit and Gravy, Stars and Stripes, Apple and Cider, and this years survivor, Drumstick.

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