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You'll Hate How Much Perfectly Good Food Walmart Trashes Each Day

In a world where people are constantly starving and struggling to feed their families, a new revelation has come to sights about Walmart which has many people fuming.

A Canadian investigative show, Marketplace, went to 2 Walmart locations more than 12 times to see how much food the company throws away on a daily basis. Their discovery was almost sickening, as they found produce, baked goods, frozen foods, meats, and dairy products...most of it still in its packaging. Some bins also had bottles of water that had not been opened.

The majority of the food was still well before its expiration date and appeared to be fresh.

In a statement, Walmart claimed most of the food was deemed unsafe for consumption:

"On some occasions, food which has not passed its best-before date is deemed unsafe for consumption. As a rule we don't place fresh food items on display for sale if the quality is not acceptable."

It's a shame that all this food is going to waste when there's so many people who could  use it. However, Martin Gooch, the CEO of Value Chain Management International, says the problem is mostly with consumers, not the chains.

"Much of that waste is usually us not willing to buy products that have a blemish in them," he says. It's also possible that some of the items were returns which cannot be resold.

A big question that arises from this report is "why don't stores just donate the food to people who need it?" Martin Gooch had an answer.

"Someone who'd gotten sick from a product that was donated, that would create a whole bunch of attention … which a retailer or manufacturer has no way of combating."

Okay, fine. But there are literally laws preventing companies that donate food from being prosecuted if someone gets sick. I guess it's all about image, though.

How do you feel about this food waste? Let us know in the comments!

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