We All Do This: Watch Khaleesi The Bulldog's Very Human Reaction To A Scary Movie

We all do it. While watching a super thrilling scary movie, we all find ourselves shouting at the victim: "Don't go in there!" Even though we know she's going in there, and we KNOW what's going to happen... come on, you know you do. Khaleesi is a 4-year-old English Bulldog who loves kids, so when she knows something bad is about to happen at 0:19, she warns the little girl on TV.

Khaleesi doesn't understand why the little girl in the horror film "Crimson Peak" isn't getting the heck out of there. As the menacing figure comes closer, this brave pooch does what all dogs do, she barks at the ominous figure on the screen. Watch what happens when she sees the little girl in trouble at 0:28. It's pretty incredible!

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