You'll Never Be As Happy As This Cow Getting A Massage

If you're stressed out and need some relief, taking a day to hit the spa is a great way to relax and unwind. But what do farm animals do when they're tense?

For some farmers, keeping their cows happy is just as important as keeping them healthy, so these rotating cow massagers are all the rage.

It's basically a big car wash brush that hangs on a wall or fence. They work automatically, so cows can rub up against them and make them spin for a massage, and you can tell from their faces it feels really nice.

The Happycow scratcher is a German invention that farmers everywhere are falling in love with, and cows can't get enough of it either. The company says the average cow uses the scrubber 6 times a day, but one test farm in Germany found theirs was rolling 16 hours a day!

Supposedly, cows who use the happy cow stay cleaner, healthier, and give more milk than other cows, but the one thing we're sure about is they look way happier.

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