"Baby Houdini" Has A Clever Trick To Escape From Any Playpen

If they ever make another Baby Geniuses movie, Michaela Dudson from Manchester, England should have a starring role.

This incredible little jailbird has been breaking out of cribs and playrooms for as long as she could walk. She could climb out of her crib and onto a cabinet to get her favorite toy, and she would even unscrew the panels on her baby gates and take them apart.

But her mother Jennie had no idea how this tot managed to open her gate twice in one morning, so she taped her from behind a door and got her third escape on camera.

Trust me, you'll want to see this.

That's right, she lassos the handle using her necklace and opens the lock from the inside.

Jennie says her daughter is a real escape artist, but even for her this was really creative. In the past, Michaela would smuggle candy and soap into her daycare using her hat, and her father Michael says she could instantly solve baby gates that even his adult friends had trouble with.

Who knows how this couple will manage to keep their little troublemaker in the playroom. There's probably no baby gate on the planet that can keep her locked in, but maybe they should take that necklace away just to be safe.

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