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'Sexual Assault Is Not Locker Room Talk' According To High School Athletes

Students at Centennial High School in Gresham, Oregon would like to make something very clear: Donald Trump is wrong, sexual assault is not locker room talk.

The students posted a powerful image on the school's Facebook page, all of them wearing shirts that say "Wild Feminist."

17-year-old Rhys Atkinson feels it's important for young male athletes to speak up against Trump's awful words.

"It's very important to speak out about this, because it has to be known that there are men out there that support women and women's rights," Atkinson said. "I believe in the equality of everyone. Everyone deserves the same rights, and it's not fair that women can be degraded through speech or actions. As an athlete I spend a lot of time in the locker room, and I'm around plenty of other athletes, and we definitely don't talk in a way that could degrade women. Generally, I talk about what I want to do in my future for sports."

It's so important for young men to be part of the conversation, especially athletes. They are looked to as social barometers, so if they start to speak up for women's rights, people will follow suit.

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