Young Boy Gets 'Carried Away' Giving High Fives To Football Team

Eli Boddy is a two-year-old Detroit Lions fan. He also just loves the sport of football.

When Eli and his dad went to see his favorite Lions play versus the Tennessee Titans, they caught the visiting team coming down the tunnel. Anyone over the age of 5 would probably have heckled or just ignored the players...they're the enemy!

But for Eli, it didn't matter who they were. He just wanted to say hello! He gave them all high fives and big smiles. Titans' linebacker, Wesley Woodyard, came by and scooped Eli up and they had a little chat together. Eli's mom posted a video of the encounter on her Facebook page!

"That was pretty cool to me,'' Woodyard told "I have a son, and it just touched my heart, seeing the kid there. That's the thing about this game of football, it allows us to bring each other together. It doesn't matter about the skin color, race, or anything, money. We are all the same, we all enjoy Sundays, and to me that was special, seeing the kid in the tunnel."

Eli was so lucky, he was even handed a football from Titans player Delanie Walker after just scoring a touchdown! Talk about the best day ever.

No word yet if Eli has considered changing to a Titans fan.

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