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Watch: Young Brothers Stand Up For Their Bullied Sisters With Down Syndrome

Anne Hollis had a rude awakening in April 2011 when she woke up to find her home and cars had been spray painted.

Vandals had painted "RETARDS" and "get out of here" on her property, all because her family had adopted two girls with Down syndrome, Meg and Alina, from the Ukraine.

Anne says this changed her life forever, but her two boys asked her to help make something positive out of this awful experience.

With help from their mom and dad, these sweet kids filmed a video urging people to stop using hateful language like "retard." Soon their video caught the attention of Everyone Matters, a worldwide organization which promotes tolerance and understanding.

Together they helped the boys make an even better video so they could share their story with the world. It's heartbreaking that they were motivated by such an awful thing, but their message of acceptance deserves to be shared with everyone.

You can really feel their love for their sisters!

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