Young Love is Making Everyone Jealous

A few days ago, Zara (@snikda_araz) shared a video of a gift her boyfriend gave her before he left for college. It is called an "Explosion Box" and is filled with pictures of them all attached like a pop-up book. It looks like something that would take a fair bit of effort and planning, so kudos to him! The surprising part was how fast this took off, already gaining 13k likes and 7k shares. Check out the video she tweeted:



You have to wonder if this will inspire another frantic effort from all the teens trying to one-up each other like they did with the elaborate "prom-posals" that started a few years back. Those have become more and more extravagant, everyone trying to top the last one. It isn't as simple as the "good ol' days" is it?


The cute couple has made a lot of teens envious and wishing they had the same kind of attention.

Best wishes to the happy couple, and good luck in college!

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