7-year-old Is The World's Youngest Serial Killer, And He's Already Free

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When you hear the words "serial killer" being thrown around, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Statistically speaking you would most likely be talking about a middle-aged white guy with a whole variety of personal, mental, and likely social issues. These are no excuses, this just seems to be the recipe.

Amardeep Sada, of India, breaks free from that mold completely. Sada holds the dubious (and unbelievable) distinction of being the world's youngest serial killer on record.


Sada killed three victims over his year of murder; all of his victims were babies from the local village that he lived in with his parents, and they included his own baby cousin and baby sister. He also killed his neighbor's six-month-old daughter by carrying her away from the populated area where he found her sleeping, beating her to death with a stone, and then burying her in a shallow grave.


When he was finally caught, he was only eight years old and he had killed his first victim when he was only seven years old...

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