Teen Becomes Youngest Person To Fly Around The World

Ask most 18-year-olds what they did this weekend and it will most likely involve some combination of sleeping, working, partying, and fast-food. But if you ask Lachlan Smart, an Australian pilot, the answer will be "set a new Guinness World Record."


Smart is 18 years, 7 months, and 21 days old, making him the youngest person to fly solo around the world in a single engine airplane. It took 54 days for the entire trip. I hope he brought snacks.

Smart's trip wasn't all rainbows, though. He had some pretty scary experiences up in the air, including a hurricane between California and Hawaii. He delayed his flight for 24 hours and managed to make it through. Some other issues were overseas air traffic controllers, where the language barrier became tricky.

"I've got a lot of adrenaline running through my system and very excited to have touched down where it all began eight weeks ago and finally concluded this trip," Smart told ABC News. "I'm on an absolute high at the moment."

Smart made stops in 24 locations and 15 countries along the way. He was even joined in the air by his flight instructor for part of the journey, a nice way to come full circle.

Though the trip was exhausting, Smart says he hopes people will take it as inspiration to follow their dreams.

"Don't be afraid to dream big and when you have a goal, go for it."

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