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Your Artificial Tree Is Killing The Environment

For many years, people have seen artificial trees as a more environmentally friendly version of a Christmas tradition.

The thought was that by not cutting down trees, we could do our part to save the destruction of forests across the world.

However, a new study conducted by Ellipsos (strategists in sustainable development) has proven that artificial trees are actually worse for the environment than cutting down a new tree every year.

In fact, artificial trees are 20 times worse for the environment than a real tree. Basically, you would need to keep the same artificial tree for at least 20 years to actually make a difference in your carbon footprint.

The plastic used to make artificial trees is toxic to produce, so the more trees produced, the more toxins released into the air. Plus, about 85% of artificial trees are made in China. It takes a lot of energy and fuel to transport those trees to North America.

Real trees, however, reduce the amount of climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air. Plus, for every real tree that gets cut down, farmers plant three new ones.

A lot of people are finding this hard to believe, that cutting down a new tree every year is somehow better than re-using the same artificial tree, but the study is standing by its findings.

What do you think? Should everyone make the switch to real trees? Let us know!

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