8 Signs That Indicate Your Cold May Actually Be Seasonal Allergies

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Unless you've been officially diagnosed by a medical professional, it can sometimes be hard to differentiate between a cold and an allergy attack.

Both conditions have certain symptoms in common, including sneezing and coughing, but there other tell-tale signs that will help you determine if the "cold" you've been fighting may actually be undiagnosed allergies.

1. Your symptoms last for weeks

Colds and flus tend to last no more than two weeks, so if you notice that your cough and congestion has stuck around longer than usual, then it's time to consult your doctor.

2. Your symptoms occur randomly

Do you ever notice that you start to get certain symptoms, like a runny or blocked nose, only when you're in certain locations or around certain things, like animals, and then they suddenly disappear? Well, that's probably because you've come into contact with an allergen. It is recommended that you observe your environment carefully next time that happens in order to figure out what could be causing the reaction.

3. You get sick around the same time every year


Many people get sick during cold and flu season, but when you start to experience symptoms in the spring or fall, then you could very well be suffering from allergies. There's often a rise in allergy cases during these times of year because there are more allergens, like pollen, in the air.

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