You're Making A Big Mistake With Your Egg Shells

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Stop! If you're throwing out your egg shells you're wasting one of the most versatile tools you could ever want.

Egg shells can be a nuisance to many of us. If you're not careful they end up in the food, on the floor or on your clothes. Since the shells are usually sticky and gooey we're anxious to be rid of them and immediately toss them.

That's where we're making our mistake.

Egg shells are great for gardens, gardeners and the things that live in your yard. Here's a few tips on how you can be using them better.

1. Keep Pests Away

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Slugs, deer and even cats can be a bother to your flower beds. Deer will trample down your hard-work and eat some of it too. They hate the smell of eggs and crushed egg shells will keep them at bay.

Slugs like to munch up your leaves and a cat will do pretty much anything you don't want it to. They hate the feel of crushed egg shells, so putting some on top of your soil will help keep them out of your garden.

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