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Live Streaming Animals Are Exactly What You Need In Your Life

Have you ever had a day where you don't feel great? Maybe you had a bad day a work, got a speeding ticket, or even just got a really bad paper cut right on the tip of your finger? We all have bad days, but YouTube has a solution. Did you know you could watch Live Streams of a bunch of different animals? There are live feeds directly to South African Safaris, rooms full of golden retriever puppies, or even a goat pen. We collected some of the links for you so that you could enjoy some of the happier places on the internet!


Live African Safari

Not only do you get to see a bunch of animals in their natural environments, but twice a day they do tours with experts who will make you feel like you have your own personalized discovery channel documentary. You can interact with the experts by submitting questions and watch as they drive around in search of animals. In only five minutes of watching I got to see a group of elephants and wildebeests!


Golden Retriever Puppies

Who doesn't want to watch puppies? This gives you the chance to  watch real puppies without worrying about dog hair. How cute are these little babies?  

Polar Bears

The best part about a lot of these live feeds is that when they aren't currently live many of them show highlights from the day so you are never without adorable annimals. These polar bears are found at the Wapusk National Park in Manitoba.



My love of goats is endless, and apparently I am not alone. This farm in Florida let me pretend like I have my own to look at whenever I want!



This is a stream from the International Wold Center that studies wolves to teach people about their relationship to the world.

Japanese Akita Puppies

These puppies are almost all grown up! This feed will only be available until the 25th of September so check it out soon!


Check out all this super relaxing stream of fish and other sea creatures. This one isn't live, but it is still super cool!


People like to use these live streams as ways to introduce people to adoptable animals. These little kittens are waiting to be old enough to be adopted through the Animal Outreach Society of McHenry.


These jellyfish are almost hypnotic as they float around. at the Monteray Bay Aquarium.

NASA Streams the Earth if you want to see how the world looks from space

The world really is a cool place. Take a look how it looks from space and be grateful that this wonderful world is filled with all these adorable animals.

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