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You've Got To Read This Heartbreaking And Emotional Letter To A Disfigured Baby

Little Eli was born without a nose.

His condition is so rare that there have only been 43 known people born with it since 1931.

The medical term is called congenital arhinia. The condition makes breathing difficult, and nearly impossible for a baby to breastfeed. So, at the age of 5 days old, little Eli was given a tracheotomy, a hole in his throat.

Recently his photos were shared on imgur by WaggyTails. The user was inspired by the little boy's story, but so concerned for what might come for him in the future.

Bullying is on the rise in America and WaggyTails stirred up emotions, when they expressed their fears for Eli's future social life.

WaggyTails wrote:

"Eli is growing.

One day he will grow into a young boy.

A boy old enough to be bullied.

Eli, there are bad times ahead for you.

We all experience bad times. But for you, it will be harder.

You will be sad many days. But remember to keep fighting.

Don't give up. Don't panic. Don't despair.

Cling to the good things in your life, no matter how hard they are to find.

But for now, you're just a happy baby, without any idea of the bad things to come.

Sleep tight, little Eli."

As this little angel grew, his body began to produce it's own testosterone and he developed sinus cavities. Soon after, Eli's family met another little girl who had the same condition.

When they found out about the plan to gradually stretch Tessa's skin to fit a 3D-printed nose, they started looking into the process for Eli. In September 2015, Eli was approved for the same surgeries!

Thank goodness for modern medicine, good doctors and great parents!

But, what do you think? Do we have the power to change our world, so that little ones like Eli won't get bullied?

Let us know in the comments below, don't forget to Like & Share!

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