You've Never Been As Lost As This Octopus In A Parking Garage

If you've ever thought to yourself, "Man, the aquarium is so expensive. I wish the marine life could just come to ME," then are you in for a treat. Sort of.

Earlier this week in Florida, Richard Conlin was heading to his car in a parking garage when he saw something unexpected.

An octopus. A LIVE OCTOPUS.

If this were a cartoon, the two would have looked at each other and exchanged confused glances.

As it turns out, you can blame the supermoon on this one. The moon lead to higher tides, which caused the drainage system to rise and flood the garage. That's likely when the unsuspecting octopus appeared.

"Due to the flooding underground or underground systems, as the tide rises you could have sea creatures making their way through the system (and) through pipelines," meteorologist James Thomas told the Miami Patch.

Experts warn that global warming will cause rising sea levels, which could in turn lead to more sightings of sea creatures like this one.

Fortunately, the octopus was brought back to his natural habitat (aka not a concrete parking garage.) "Security from the building filled a bucket with seawater, rescued it and placed it back in the bay," Conlin wrote online. "I spoke to them this morning and they said they believe it got away safely."

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