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Zoos Go Ape Over National Twitter Battle And Things Get Hairy - We're Not Lion!

If you're tired of reading about the Donald, then we're here to remind you that Twitter can be used for something other than political trash talk.

No, seriously. It can.

It all started with the most adorable, fuzzy gray seal pup that you have ever seen. It will break your heart to look into those innocent little eyes and you'll likely cry with joy when you see it's fuzzy flippers.

The National Zoo innocently announced the arrival of their newest addition and that sparked off an adorable chain of events that had us all on the edge of our seats.

Sarah Hill at the Virginia Aquarium saw an opportunity and swam with it - she tweeted a friendly taunt back at the National Zoo with a photo of this adorable duo:

Not one to back down from a Twitter war, The National Zoo replied with this gem:

Then the Bronx Zoo got in on the action with these adorable tiger tykes:

The baby pandas at the Atlanta Zoo just couldn't pass up this golden opportunity:

Philly stepped up to the plate with this little guy:

The Miami Zoo brings Mom in on the action:

You Otter believe that the Aquarium of Pacific has something to say about cuteness overload

Slow to start but cute as ever, the sloths at the LA Zoo would probably make Kristen Bell cry all over again

Check out the other adorable babies that showed up for this epic rumble in the Twitter jungle!

It was a good day for social media. Hopefully there will be more cute animal overloads in Twitter's future!

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