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10 Animals Who Are Never Happier Than When They Are Filthy

Most of us don't love it when we get muddy. It's not fun to try to wash off and it usually doesn't smell great. There are however, a select few who love nothing more then to get all grimy and slimy in a puddle of mud.

These 10 animals find nothing more joyful than a big ol' mud puddle. They are happier the dirtier they get and nothing is going to stop them from splashing around as much as they want!

1. Pure bliss

2. Rolling in the joy

3. It's a flapping fun time

4. Loving it.

5. Look how focused he is on finding more mud!

6. This little porker is so proud of what it's done.

7. The mud is where you find all the good snacks!

8. This hyena looks like it's enjoying an amazing spa-like experience.

9. Running back to tell mommy how fun it was to roll in the mud

10. Just absolutely thrilled

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