10 Best Bottles of Wine Under $10 You Can Find At Whole Foods

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President Pantovack

We may all avoid Whole Foods due to the expensive organic items, but we should all change our views on this retailer because they actually have good, cheap wine. Some of these even compare to the famous, "Two-Buck-Chuck" from Trader Joe's!

Here's a list of the best and cheapest wines you can find at Whole Foods:

1. El Terrano Rosado: $9.99

This Rose is not only pretty to look at, it also tastes good!

2. Don Simon Tempranillo: $3.99

A $4 Spanish bottle of wine that definitely doesn't taste that cheap.

3. Globerati Sangiovese: $6.99

This is exclusive to Whole Foods, and is delicious!

4. Gran Conti Montepulciano: $9.99

Pairs great with pizza!

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