10 Books You Can Get For Free on Amazon Today

Whether you're looking to add to your summer reading list or you are in need of a good book for a trip, look no further than these great free reads courtesy of Amazon.

From classics that we grew up with to family favorites that we can read our kids, download them for free and enjoy pages of imagination and great writing

Skip your next trip to the library and enjoy these works right from your own device at home.

Which one will you read first?

Treasure Island

Pirates and parrots, get lost in the seafaring adventures of Treasure Island. Whether you have read this yourself or want to read it to your kids this Robert Louis Stevenson classic will deliver the adventurous spirit to the young and old, alike. Claim the Kindle edition for free now.


The Jungle Book

From the Disney classic to the remake, the story of the Jungle Book has stood the test of time. Orphaned as a baby, human-boy Mowgli is adopted by wolves and comes across some of your favorite characters including Baloo the bear. This will make a great bedtime story for your little ones as they listen to the adventure all over again. Open it up for free on the Kindle edition now.


Oliver Twist

"Please sir, may I have some more?" More free classic stories that is. As one of Charles Dickens most popular novel, Oliver Twist is a classic story of good and evil, packed with humor, drama and suspense. This one is worth enjoying again! Read it free as a digital book.


Les Misérables

If you have "Castle on a Cloud" stuck in your head, good chances are you have been indulging in the wonderful story of Les Misérables. Studied over the decades, this classic piece of literature holds up over the test of time. Enjoy this classic for free with a digital book download and then check out the 2012 movie to accompany this Victor Hugo classic book.



Considered to be one of the most important piece of modernist literature, Ulysses is worth the read. This piece celebrates craft, humor, and the meaning of exploration through 18 chapters, taking you on a journey like none-other. Enjoy this digital book for free from Amazon.


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You can read Kindle books on any of your devices with the free Kindle reading app!

Download it for PC, load it up on Android devices and use it on your favorite Apple products and read everywhere your life may take you.

From reading on the train to taking your tablet to the beach, these great reads will be hard to put down, especially since the price is right!

Taking Natasha

This is a story of a girl who got tricked into trafficking to London and is trapped in a ruthless, criminal underworld. Get it for free now.

The Man with Two Names

A novel of Ancient Rome, you will be swept away with tough decisions this man has to face. His journey takes him from the corrupt and treacherous Forum to the deadly forests of Gaul as he makes powerful friends and enemies along the way. He has to decide which compromises he's willing to make to ensure his village doesn't starve. This free book will give you hours of reading pleasure.

Romance at the Fireside: Clean & Wholesome

Get ready to be taken away in a romance novel that will leave you feeling wonderful. In the picturesque mountainside, two lovers spend some quiet time in the family cabin in the woods. Give this romance novel a try, free from Amazon.

Finding the Road Home

As a prequel to the popular Bellingwood series, the author uncovers why Polly returns to Iowa after leaving to go to college in Boston, planning never to return. You'll be inspired by how she takes on new challenges as you see how the world has changed through Polly's eyes and for the people that are closest to her. Get ready to enjoy this novel for free with a Digital book.


The Debt Collector

A notorious hit-man in New Jersey was part of a crime family until a job went wrong. He ended up serving time and now wants out of the game. His boss won't let him go until after he completes one last job. This amazing digital book is free right now, so find out how the famous Jack Winchester fairs in this first book of the series.


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