10 Celebrities Immortalized In Ink That Probably Wish They Weren't


You can get anything you can possibly think of tattooed on your body, literally, nothing is off limits, and I am completely for creative expression. What I consider to be a cool tattoo might not work for someone else and vice versa. But I do think there is some common ground where we can meet and agree. When it comes to portraits, especially portraits of recognizable celebrities, they need to be done well, by skilled artists, or else they will be a sense of ridicule for the rest of someone's life. And, they're permanent.

Here are some examples of people who should have taken a peek at what the artist was doing before the piece was finished.

1. Why you gotta' do Barry like that?

Needless to say, this portrait (attempt) of Barack Obama won't be making its way to the White House anytime soon.

You should have checked how the artist felt about Obama first.The Sun

2. It's Britney B****

This portrait isn't even bad. In fact the skill it took to do this is tremendous, but why go with bald Britney? Just asking.

Immortalizing a mid-life crisis.Tattoo Body Art

3. Iron Mike, kinda.

Mike Tyson (regardless of everything else he is/was) can be named the greatest knockout puncher in the history of professional boxing. I wonder what he would do to this guy after seeing how he is represented on the guy's arm?

Well, that's definitely something...Crave Online

4. Freddie deserves better.

Freddie Mercury, the late, great front-man for Queen, is likely the greatest raw vocalist of all time, and one of the greatest song writers to ever put pen to paper. I appreciate the attempt, but common...

(Zombie)? Freddie MercuryPinterest

5. Christopher Walken... also as a zombie?

Along with Morgan Freeman and the late Alan Rickman, Christopher Walken has one of the most iconic voices in Hollywood history. His voice and tone make the movies he is in better. He once played the Headless Horseman in Sleepy Hollow, but I don't recall him doing the zombie thing. Tattoo is well done though, even if a bit ridiculous.

Sorry bout your luck.justsomething.co

6. Just.......... Why?

It may not be a portrait, but it had to be included. Drake may have "started from the bottom", but this lady is on a one way trip there.

........................Tattoo Body Art

7. Tiger Blood

This one isn't even bad either. In fact I love it. He might not be winning, or have tiger blood, but he is forever immortalized in this epic piece of art.

Winning?Crave Online

8. The Swayzaur...

The late Patrick Swayze was one of a kind. So is this tattoo, I give you, the Swayzaur.

Patrick Swayze was one of a kind. StudioEightOneSix

9. Steve Buscemi does have an original face, but common' now.

I love Steve Buscemi, he's a great actor, and an even better person. A firefighter before he went into acting, when 9/11 happened, he went back to NYC in order to help with the rescue efforts.

He does have a unique face, but someone must really not like him.

Waxy boyYouTube

10. And for the finale... I give you the King of Pop.

I have no words.

Bad Mirror

Ladies and gentlemen, think before you ink.