10 Celebrities Immortalized In Ink That Probably Wish They Weren't

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4. Freddie deserves better.

Freddie Mercury, the late, great front-man for Queen, is likely the greatest raw vocalist of all time, and one of the greatest song writers to ever put pen to paper. I appreciate the attempt, but common...

(Zombie)? Freddie MercuryPinterest

5. Christopher Walken... also as a zombie?

Along with Morgan Freeman and the late Alan Rickman, Christopher Walken has one of the most iconic voices in Hollywood history. His voice and tone make the movies he is in better. He once played the Headless Horseman in Sleepy Hollow, but I don't recall him doing the zombie thing. Tattoo is well done though, even if a bit ridiculous.

Sorry bout your luck.justsomething.co

6. Just.......... Why?

It may not be a portrait, but it had to be included. Drake may have "started from the bottom", but this lady is on a one way trip there.

........................Tattoo Body Art

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