10 Celebrities Who Lost Their Fortunes

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When you think of someone in Hollywood, the first thing you think of is fame and fortune. Imagine how great their lives must be! The houses, the clothes, the cars, the gadgets. It sounds perfect.

But there are some celebrities who don't live that life of luxury anymore. They've gone from the top of the world to scraping the bottom of the barrel.

These are some celebrities who went from riches to rags, the opposite of what we want to happen.

1. Brett Butler

From the hit show Grace Under Fire, Butler revealed she is now living in a homeless shelter and trying to make a comeback.

"I was dying of addiction," she says. "I don't think about what I survived. I hope I forgive, I hope I'm forgiven and I'm just really glad that I think things are funny and there's no end to that."

2. Fantasia Barrino

The American Idol season 3 winner was at the risk of losing her home in 2009, when she defaulted on the $1.1 million loan she took out to pay for it. The house was set to be auctioned off, but her lawyers were able to reach an agreement before the auction took place.

3. Nicolas Cage

In 2009, Cage declared bankruptcy. He spent $276,000 on a 67-million-year-old dinosaur skull, which probably had a lot to do with it.

4. Dave Foley

The NewsRadio and Kids In The Hall never made any bad financial decisions, unless you count getting married. In 1997, Foley divorced his wife. He was earning approximately $1 million a year, so the judge ordered him to pay $17,000 a month in child support for their two children. Foley's show ended up getting cancelled in 1999, but the judge ordered him to continue paying the high child support amount despite the Canadian actor making significantly less money (he currently earns $4,000 a month.) Because he couldn't make the payments, Foley was considered a criminal when he would try to return to his homeland of Canada. Foley's current net worth is negative $500,000.

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