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10 Christmas Cookie Fails That Santa Probably Will Leave Untouched This Year

The holidays can be a stressful time, especially thanks to all the obligations that come with them. You have to decorate the house, put up the tree, buy the presents, deal with relatives that you hate, and of course, cook up enough food to feed a small country.

Christmas baking is a fun time... when you're good at it. Unfortunately, getting there takes practice, and until we've gotten enough of it, most of our culinary creations look like these...

I mean, I GUESS they look like sweaters?


Those poor snowmen...


Oh god, what'd they do to you Olaf?


I uh... don't wanna know what this gingerbread guy's been up to...


Trust me, it gets worse from here...

Turns out there IS such a thing as too many sprinkles.


Yeah, this is about as well as I tend to do.

Good Housekeeping

Oh yeah, I can see it now...


Hey Rudolph... you okay buddy?


Poor Frosty. Just say "no" to meth, kids.


And finally, what were you even thinking?


What's the biggest baking mistake you've made during the holidays?