10 Cooking Charts That Will Make You A Kitchen Pro

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For many of us, the kitchen is the mystery place. It's where we go to grab food out of the fridge and throw things in the microwave. You can also go there to get a plate and fork for your Chinese take-out.

It's time to stop dreaming about cooking shows and become a chef for yourself. Before you get started, there's a few handy tips you need to know. Then get cooking!

1. A Guide to Using Spices

You know that cupboard full of spices? It's time to use them. Here's a handy guide to help you spice up your meals.


2. Important! Oils and Their Smoking Points

Did you know that cooking certain oils at high temperatures can release toxic chemicals? Keep your food safe and edible by choosing the right oil for your recipe.


3. How Long Vegetables Stay Fresh

Veggies go bad fast, so here's a handy chart to let you know how long they last and which ones you can store in the fridge or freezer for longer life.


4. How Long to Hard-Boil an Egg

When hard-boiling an egg, you want to get it just right. If you're making deviled eggs, you'll need both the white and the yolk nice and firm. Follow this guide to boil eggs for just the right amount of time.


5. Pick the Right Mixer Attachment

Your stand mixer probably came with a bunch of attachments and you have no idea what they're used for. What's a dough hook, anyways? Find out what it's all for in this easy guide.

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