10 Crazy Facts You Didn't Know About The Origin Of Makeup

You might think your Rimmel anti-clump mascara is a new invention, but cosmetics have been around for thousands of years.

Makeup was invented in ancient times to be worn as a social status statement or to ward off evil eyes. Although some of the products used weren't harmful, they contained cringe-worthy ingredients like bug guts and animal poop.

Unfortunately, not all these products were safe to use because they contained toxic ingredients such as white lead, coal tar, and belladonna.

Check out the odd beauty customs that led to today's makeup, and let us know what you think! #6 is so strange.

1. The Egyptians Wore It First

Cleopatra was the one of the first women to wear eye makeup, which was made from crushed minerals such as copper and lead ore. Yikes!

2. Makeup Was Worn to Ward Off "Evil Eyes"

The darker the shade, the more the makeup was said to ward off the gaze of evil spirits and unwanted eyes. It also was said that makeup pleased the gods.

3. Some Makeup Was Poisonous

Roman women used eye drops made with belladonna to make their eyes appear bigger and more beautiful. This eventually caused some to go blind.

4. Moles Were Fashionable

A mole on your face or neck was considered a "beauty mark," and if you didn't have one, you'd make one out of black velvet and glue.

5. Red Lipstick Identified Prostitutes

In Greece, lipstick wasn't worn by most women. Instead, it was made law that prostitutes must wear red lipstick to avoid confusion.

6. Is it Possible to Wear THAT Much?

Queen Elizabeth I was wearing a full inch of makeup on her face when she died. For real. And it was made primarily with lead. No wonder she died.  

7. They Used WHAT to Achieve Pale Skin?

Back when tans weren't fashionable, women used to apply leeches to keep their skin porcelain-pale. Terrifying.

8. Munch, Munch, Crunch

Aztec and Incan civilizations used a red dye called cochineal in lipstick. It was made using crushed beetles!

9. Bird Poop as a Facial?

Japanese Geisha used Uguisu No Fun, or nightingale feces, to whiten their skin and balance their complexions.

10. A "Smart" Way to Do Mascara

Elizabethan-era women smothered their eyelashes with coal tar to create a "wide eye" look. You guessed it - they eventually lost their eyesight.