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10 Daring Ways People Escaped Over The Berlin Wall

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4. With permission from Hugh Hefner

One way to get across the border without any trouble was to use a diplomatic passport, but a forgery that could trick the East German guards was hard to come by.

Unless you were a member of the Munich Playboy Club, that is. According to the L.A. Times, the passes for the men's club looked so much like the diplomatic passports that guards often waved them through the gate without checking.

5. On an air mattress

The Berlin Wall separated the city by land, but not by water. Lots of desperate freedom-seekers took to the River Elbe on small boats, or tried to swim across. But two men took a much more comfortable trip on a makeshift raft.

The Elbe River in the 1960s.Associated press

Ingo Bethke, a former border guard, made the trip to West Germany by paddling on an inflatable air mattress, along with one of his friends. To get the mattress onto the river, the pair had to carry it over a fence and through a minefield.

6. In a convertible

A Healey Sprite.Convertible Tops

When Heinz Meixner fell in love with an East German woman, he wasn't willing to accept that they couldn't settle down back in West Germany. To bust them out, he hid them both in the trunk of his specially modified convertible.

Meixner demonstrates how he escaped East Berlin.Just a Car Guy

Meixner took the windshield out of his Healey Sprite convertible, so when the tires were deflated the car was low enough to drive under the 3 foot security barrier. Meixner simple sped through the checkpoint before anyone could stop him. Talk about a close shave!

7. On a tightrope

Of course, the man who came up with this crazy scheme was an acrobat. Horst Klein found a cable between two buildings on either side of the wall that the guards hadn't cut down - probably because they thought no one would be stupid enough to climb on it!

Horst probably didn't stop to do any tricks.PJ Star

Horst climbed across the wire hand-over-hand, then lifted his legs up to inch across when his arms were tired. He fell off the wire, but thankfully landed in West Germany.

Okay, now what kind of plan could top that?

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