Did You Know

10 Simple Shoe Hacks!

We all have that pair of most treasured shoes we just can't bring ourselves to part with. Fret no more! Breathe new life into those old faithfuls with these 10 simple shoe hacks! Heck, while you're at it, you might as well do the whole lot! Go ahead and make every pair just like new!

Here's How

Shoe Grip: Using medium grit sandpaper, gently sand the bottom of the souls on your new shoes. By removing a little bit of the new shoe finish, it creates a rough grit which causes friction when walking. Thus saving you from those embarrassing slips and allows you to totally rock those new pumps!

Stretch: wearing a thick pair of socks, place your foot into the shoe and heat up the edges with your blow dryer. This allows for the leather to loosen up and create a little ‘give’ with the help of the extra room provided by your thick socks

Reduce Blisters: apply gel deodorant inside the shoe. This creates a smooth barrier allowing your skin to slide freely, preventing dry friction which causes blisters.

Waterproof: rub beeswax on the toe and around the edges of your shoes. Melt the beeswax on with a hair dryer. This creates a waterproof barrier within the fabric of the shoe. No more wet socks on those rainy days!

Cleaning White Shoes: using an old toothbrush and paste, rub a small amount on the toothbrush and scrub that unsightly dirt of those pearly white shoes! Rinse with water and allow to dry. VOILA! Just like new.

Suede Scratches: using simply a nail file, gentle remove that suede scuff by GENTLY buffing the affected area.

Shine Patent: make those favorite patent leather shoes shine like new again simply by rubbing on a little bit of Vaseline! The petroleum jelly will bring life and shine back into those favorite dull looking pumps.

Stinky Shoes: sprinkle a little bit of baking soda into the soles of the shoe along with a few lemon rinds. The soda will absorb any bad odors leaving a lemony fresh sent from the fruit rinds. Trust me, your friends will thank you!

Sneaker Repair: fix the heel of those favorite sneakers with a simple denim patch. Cut a small piece to cover the hole in the heel, using the tip of the iron, hold the heel down bending the shoe slightly to allow the iron tip to get into the shoe. Gently iron just enough to melt the adhesive on the back of the patch. Allow to cool and go run that marathon you were planning!

Scratches on Leather: apply a small amount of any simple moisturizer to the scratch. Buff and smooth to look good as new!