10 Facts About Psychology That Can Change Your Life

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Our brains and the way they work are so fascinating, but often we know almost nothing about them. There are over 100 billion neurons in your head, and each of them controls a different part of your body.

While we can't always control what's going on, there are ways we can optimize our brains to make sure we're using them in the most effective way possible.

1. Hand-Write Your Notes

It's been scientifically proven that hand-writing your notes is a more effective way of learning than using your laptop. Students who write their notes out have a deeper understanding of the material. This is because writing is much slower than typing, so students have to listen more carefully to catch what is really important, whereas on a computer you can more likely jot down more information in a quicker time frame, not really listening to what's happening.

2. High Expectations, High Results

Known as the Rosenthal Effect, it's proven that students with higher chances of success were encouraged more by teachers than those with a lower chance of succeeding. It's almost a fake-it-till-you-make-it scenario. Tell yourself and others that you are going to succeed and they will push you harder to do so.

3. Think In Another Language

The University of Chicago conducted a study, looking at the effect of thinking in another language on a person's decision making skills. They found that thinking in another language leads us to more rational decisions, because we focus on the words and not the emotions we are associating with the situation. So if you know French, Spanish, or anything else, you should use it to make any big decisions!

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