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10 Facts About Pope Francis That Are Holier Than Thou

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6. Pope Francis always lived a modest life

When the pope was the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, he lived in a tiny apartment, took the bus, and when he traveled to the conclave in Rome, he sat in economy class.

7. He was the runner-up for pope in 2005.

It has been claimed Pope Francis was the victim of a smear campaign by fellow members of the Jesuit order, who reportedly said he never smiled.

8. The pope only has a single lung

After an infection, Pope Francis had to have one of his lungs removed when he was a teenager. The Vatican was weary about his health when he was first elected, but their fears have since been dismissed.

9 Pope Francis once had a girlfriend

"She was one of a group of friends with whom I used to go dancing with," he said. "Then I discovered my religious vocation."

10. He loves dancing, specifically the tango

For the pope's 78th birthday, hundreds performed a flash mob of the tango outside of the Vatican.

He is quoted to have said, “I love the tango a lot. It is something that comes from inside me.”

Do you know any other facts about Pope Francis?

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