10 Fascinating Facts You've Never Heard About August-Born Babies

If you were born in the month of August, you probably remember your birthday being one of the hottest days of year.  Your friends were not around to come and celebrate your birthday because they were on vacation or up at the cottage. You never had cupcakes at school or had your name recognized in the classroom as having a birthday during the school year.

Being born in the middle of summer can definitely be a drag, but it certainly has it's perks. It's summer for one! As an adult it's a better time to take vacation and go on a trip than if it was any other time of year. Also, when you have kids, they're already off school anyways!

People born in August share unique traits even though it spans 2 zodiac signs. Here is what we all have in common:

August Babies Tend To Be Confident, Strong And Organized.

August babies are either Leos or Virgos, and let's be honest, they're great people to be around!

"Leos are confident," said Dr. Athena Perrakis, an astrologist. "They're very strong people, physically and mentally- they're very strong-willed. They're also very proud and very charismatic."

Virgos have just as many appealing traits as Leos do.

"Virgos are very organized, very precise and detail-oriented. They're also reliable and they're also intelligent, practical people. They're charismatic, too, but theirs is a quiet charisma."

They'll Probably End Up In Leadership Positions

Don't be surprised if your boss was born in August.

"They tend to make naturally strong leaders because of their charisma and confidence," Perrakis said.

Naturally, August-born people share their birth month with 3 former presidents: Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Lyndon B. Johnson.

Their Birth Flower Is The Gladiola

Yup, along with birth stones and zodiac signs, you also have birth flowers. People who are born in the month of August have the gladiola as their flower. It is said to represent character traits like strength and moral integrity.

They May Be At Odds With Aquarius and Pisces

Looking at the astrology wheel makes it easy to see which signs won't mesh together. For Leo it's Aquarius and for Virgo it's Pisces.

"Those would be the most challenging partnerships," Perrakis said.

August Babies May Be Smart, But Difficult Children

Some of the biggest personalities in the zodiac, are those of Leo and Virgos.

"Leo children and Virgo children are both very smart. Even as babies, they tend to be developmentally ahead," Perrakis said.

Combine this intelligence with a headstrong attitude and they're unstoppable.

"Parents of Leo and Virgos should be really ready to not just teach their children, but be taught by their children," she says.

They May Struggle In School

Well, as much as we would like to think they are, August babies aren't perfect. Research has shown that because many end up being the youngest in their class because of cutoff dates, they may be at a disadvantage academically compared to their slightly older peers.

However, Herman Melville, Julia Child, Neil Armstrong and Lucille Ball were all August babies and they turned out fine.

They Love Being In The Spotlight

Leos in particular thrive in creative spaces where they aren't restricted by rules.

"You also find a lot of Leos in entertainment, a lot of actors, a lot of people in all parts of the entertainment industry because they are charismatic," Perrakis says.

Their Birth Stone is the Peridot

This green gem is often mistaken for an emerald. According to legend, when a peridot is combined with gold it takes on magical powers and can even keep nightmares at bay.

I now know what I want for my birthday!

If You're Born In August, You're Generally a Good Teacher

Leos and Virgos both make good teachers in and out of the classroom. August-born babies should try to use this to their advantage in whatever career-path they choose.

"They can thrive as teachers because they have a natural authority," Perrakis says.

They May Love Sandwiches More Than The Average Person

August is National Sandwich Month, so don't be surprised if those born in this summer month love a good sub. It may not be a coincidence.

Source: Good Housekeeping