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10 Fast Food Meals That Contain Your Entire Day's Worth of Calories

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When you're short on time and heavy on hunger, hitting the drive-thru just seems like the logical choice. Grabbing a combo from your favorite fast-food restaurant is a cheap way to get you feeling full until you're able to get home.

Have you stopped to add up all the calories you consume when you get the combo #3? While each item may not seem like a lot, they certainly can add up to the point where you are consuming your entire days worth of calories in one meal.

Do that 3 times per day and you are eating over 3 times the recommended amount  of calories in one day.

Here are some of your favorite fast-food offenders for high calorie counts.


Order a SuperSONIC Bacon Double Cheeseburger and you will take in 1,280 calories, add the medium onions rings for 800 calories, and finish it with a chocolate shake worth 570 calories and you've hit your daily recommended intake of calories. The total calorie count for this meal is 2,440.


You may be wondering how can something that isn't dripping in grease add up to so many calories. The Chorizo Burrito stuffed with white rice, chorizo, black beans, fajita vegetables, tomato salsa, chili-corn salsa, sour cream, cheese, guacamole, and lettuce wrapped up in a flour tortilla adds up to a whopping 1,540 calories. Add your side of chips for 540 calories and Sauza Margarita for 230 calories and you have a meal of 2,310 calories.  

Pizza Hut

Order a small Express Hand-Tossed Primo Meats Pizza and it will cost you 1,370 calories. Add a side garden salad with Buttermilk Ranch dressing for 320 calories, 20 oz. Mountain Dew for 290 calories, 1 slice of apple dessert pizza for 250 calories and you have a meal that adds up to 2,230 calories.

Burger King

A Double Whopper with cheese will cost you 930 calories. When you pair it with a large fries for 430 calories and a chocolate milkshake for 760 calories, you have eaten a total of 2,040 calories in one meal.


If you love eating at Popeyes, if you're counting calories you may want to avoid indulging in this meal. The Bonafide Chicken Combo with corn on the cob and biscuit will run you 1,434 calories. Pair it with a Sweet Tea for 180 calories and a slice of pecan pie for 410 calories and you have a meal that adds up to 2,024 calories.

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