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10 Forgotten Cereal Box Prizes We All Wanted When We Were Younger

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Before new legislation changed the way marketers could advertise to kids, we were constantly bombarded with advertisements and gimmicks.

If you grew up in the 90s you remember that you couldn't watch 20 minutes of cartoons without seeing about a million new toys that you absolutely had to have. Advertisers knew that the best time to influence us was in the short time between cartoons on Saturday morning.

What better time to encourage us to buy their brand of cereal than when we were digging into our favorite bowl while watching Captain Planet or Transformers?

Which of these popular 90's cereal box toys do you still have?

Sticky Fingers : Froot Loops

Color Changing Dinosaurs: Fruity Pebbles

TMNT Rings : Shreddies

Kellogg's Rooster Reflectors : Kellogg's Cornflakes

Which toy did you want the most? Check out some more on the next page!

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