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10 Habits You Need To Stop If You Want To Look Younger

I have started to get grey hair. I have noticed it creeping into my beard, and into my sideburns. It is kind of unnerving, because it gives me a sense of my own mortality. I am actually getting older and now I am having to face that fact while looking in the mirror.

There are ways to help stop the look of aging, naturally. By avoiding these 10 habits you can attempt to stop Father Time in his tracks.

1. Tanning

I understand that some people like to have a nice "healthy" glow to their skin, but there is absolutely no reason to bake yourself into a crispy piece of leather by laying down in one of these artificial tanning beds. One look at "Tan Mom" should have you cancelling your membership to a tanning salon.

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2. Constantly sitting down

"I just want to sit down for a few minutes" can often turn into sitting for long periods of time, and it isn't good for your health. Make a point of getting up and moving around regularly, otherwise you could find yourself adding years to your appearance.

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3. Smoking

I am guilty of this one. Not only does smoking raise the chances of you getting any number of cancers and other health-related problems, it can also dramatically age you. Not to mention smoking isn't visually attractive to begin with.


4. A lack of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables offer you a large number of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, but they have a short half-life in your system. Not eating them on a regular basis can age you quite rapidly.  

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5. Too much sugar

Apart from the fact that eating excessive sugar comes with a host of health problems, it can also age your skin dramatically. It plays a huge role in the onset of acne, and can also cause early wrinkles to appear.

6. Drinking alcohol

We have all heard the statement, "a glass of red wine everyday is good for your health," note the singularity of that statement. Regularly over-drinking can be quite damaging to your health, and if you have ever looked at a life-long alcoholic, you can tell that they have prematurely aged.


7. Lack of sleep

Being a night owl is not good for your health, or your overall appearance. No one likes being told that they look tired (a perfect example of a lack of sleep affecting your appearance) and those dark circles and bags under your eyes aren't a positive fashion statement.

8. Holding onto grudges

This isn't a joke. Holding onto grudges, or remaining bitter about wrongs done to you in the past, causes your body to increase its cortisol output. This stunts your sleep patterns and also causes the dreaded bags under your eyes.

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Stress can be killer, literally. It increases your blood pressure and reduces your brain function. Are you looking to add some grey hair prematurely? Well, let your stress run wild and you will be going silver quickly.

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10. No fat

Dieting fads are a dime-a-dozen, and we have all heard of the zero fat diet. One would think that cutting fat out of the way you eat would be great for your body and overall health. WRONG. Your body does need fat, but these are specifically good fats, omega-3s for example.

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How old do you think you look?