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10 Hilarious Texts That Will Help You Understand What Your Cat Is Thinking

Living with a cat is like having a really moody roommate who is not only demanding but completely unpredictable. One minute they want you to pet them, the next they are running up and down the stairs screaming at who knows what.

Cats are a real gift to us all. One cat owner has taken it to the next level and shared what she believes her conversations would look like in various situations and they are absolutely amazing. Check these out and see if they sound familiar to you.

1. A true hunter...

2. Narcissism at its finest

3. Failed hypnosis

4. Do not mock the panther

5. How dare he.

6. Reality sets in...

7. You better watch your back!

8. I'm sure you could do it if you wanted to...

9. You are the queen.

10. Don't get in the way of another cat's sunbeam... That's just mean.

What do you think your cat would send you if it could?

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